Joe Hanlon 246: negotiations and fighting

20 March 2014
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Fighting continues while government accepts Renamo demand for international observers

International observers can be allowed in the Renamo-government negotiations and presumably in any subsequent demobilisation, the government conceded at the 44th round of talks on Monday 17 March. A joint commission of military people is meeting this week and will report to the next full round of talks tomorrow (21 March) with a proposal.

Government is insisting that Renamo hand over a complete list of its men and their equipment, and Renamo distrusts the government too much to do this without some sort of international monitoring.

Renamo accused the Mozambican military of attacking Renamo bases in Cheringoma and Gorongosa, both in Sofala. In a press conference Monday (17 March) Renamo spokesman Antonio Muchanga accused the government of breaking an informal cease fire, and said Renamo president Afonso Dhlakama had ordered Renamo guerrillas to take no offensive actions. (O Pais, 18 March) But the government chief negotiator, Agriculture Minister Jose Pacheco, told journalists Monday that it was Renamo which attacked government soldiers transporting supplies in Inhaminga, Sofala, on Sunday 16 March.

New appointments

A series of appointments has been made reflecting changes in Frelimo and agreement with Renamo on the National Elections Commission:

Agostinho Mondlane is named Defence Minister following the nomination of the previous minister, Filipe Nyusi, as the Frelimo presidential candidate. Mondlane had been Deputy Defence Minister.

Abdul Razak Noormahomed is the new governor of Cabo Delgado, replacing Eliseu Machava, who is the party’s new general secretary. Noormahomed was Deputy Minerals Minister, and before that governor of Nampula and Deputy Health Minister.

The four new Renamo members of the National Elections Commission (CNE) have taken up their posts. They are:
Fernando Mazanga who was national spokesperson of Renamo,
Latinho Ligonha, a member of the CNE in 2009,
Celestino Xavier who had been chair of the municipal assembly in Nacala from 2003 to 2008, and
Meque Bras Dacambane, a member of the Renamo team in the dialogue with the government.

Paulo Cuinica is the new CNE spokesperson. He has been a civil society nominee to the CNE since 2007. He replaces Joao Beirao, who was a judge appointed to the CNE by the Higher Magistrates Council, a post which is removed by the recently changed legislation.


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